10 Cottages in Lampung Suitable for Holidays with Families

10 Cottages in Lampung Suitable for Holidays with Families

10 cottages that are suitable for holidays with family.--

RADARLAMPUNG.CO.ID, BANDAR LAMPUNG - When we go on vacation or spend our weekends, we usually want to travel or seek out a new environment to relieve fatigue from our daily activities, whether they are from work or a busy college or school.

For those of you who are looking for a comfortable place for a vacation or weekend, you can enjoy a different atmosphere while on vacation in Lampung. The choice of staying in a cottage is one of the best options, especially if you are with family or friends.

You can choose cottages in Lampung that are on the hill as well as on the beach. Well, here are 10 cottages in Lampung that are suitable for staycations with family and friends that radarlampung.co.id has summarized for you.

1. Cottage Villa Lombok Pahawang

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One of the most beautiful cottages in Lampung is Villa Lombok Pahawang, or, by another name, Villa Andreas Resort. Enjoying the atmosphere of the sea with white sand and blue water makes this cottage one of the best in Lampung, coupled with enjoying the night with beautiful lamou light, which is also one of the more interesting tourist experiences for you alone.

2. Tegal Mas Island Cottages

One of the interesting tourist attractions and staycations in Lampung is Tegal Mas Island Cottage. Tegal Mas Island is located across from Sari Ringgung Beach.

On the island of Tegal Mas, there are beautiful villas and cottages that are unique and have an Indonesian feel. For those of you who want to take a vacation and be friendly and peaceful, you can try this cottage.

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3. Cottage at Puncak Mas Lampung

Puncak Mas Lampung is a contemporary tourist spot in Lampung, which also went viral in 2017. In this tourist spot, you can enjoy views of the hilly areas in Puncak Mas, take pictures in tree houses, and enjoy culinary tours.

4. Green Valley Cottages

The Lembah Hijau Cottage is one of the best places to spend a weekend surrounded by nature.This legendary tourist spot in Lampung has several comfortable cottages to serve as a place for a staycation. The beautiful natural atmosphere makes this cottage quite interesting to try.