Don't be Careless; Wrong Way to Bathe Can Cause Skin Problems

Don't be Careless; Wrong Way to Bathe Can Cause Skin Problems

The wrong bathing sequence can trigger skin health problems. Illustration/

RADARLAMPUNG.CO.ID, BANDAR LAMPUNG –  Everyone must have a different order or method of bathing.

Some choose to prioritize body wash over washing. And vice versa, wash your hair first and then wash it.

Then there are also those who choose to immediately flush the entire body without thinking whether the body temperature is good or not.

Bathing is indeed a routine for anyone with the intention of cleaning the body from dirt and germs.

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Everyone will choose to take a shower when they feel that their body feels sticky due to the amount of dirt and germs that stick to it.

Dirt and germs can stick at any time, especially after a busy and tiring activity.

Bathing one to two times a day is a routine that is always followed by most people in Indonesia.

People usually take a shower in the morning before their activities and in the afternoon or even at night after a day of activities.

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Actually, there's nothing wrong with the order of bathing, whether it's preferring to wash first or wash first or vice versa.

Nevertheless, if we refer to science in the health sector, So by following the correct bathing sequence, we can reduce the risk of developing skin problems.

Reported by from the alodokter page on Friday, March 17, 2023. If we bathe in the wrong order, it can actually cause skin problems and be detrimental.

One of the common skin problems experienced by someone who takes a shower without paying attention to the proper order is that the skin becomes inflamed and even develops pimples.