Island Recommendations in Lampung for Instagrammables

Island Recommendations in Lampung for Instagrammables

Pahawang Island, recommendation for diving in the sea of Lampung Province.--

RADARLAMPUNG.CO.ID, BANDAR LAMPUNG - For those who like to solve small problems, diving on the islands or in the sea, i.e. snorkeling or snorkeling, this is the answer.

Did you know that according to some sources, snorkeling and scuba diving are essentially the same, but there are some differences. will we listen

Both dive into the sea. Both activities also include water sports that are good for the body.

The main difference between the two activities is the sea depth during the dive. When snorkeling, we usually only dive at sea level.

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When diving, we sink deeper into the sea. Then don your goggles, frog legs and J-Snorkel while snorkeling.

Only surface swimming does not require this, so when snorkeling we do not need oxygen tanks until all the snorkeling gear is fully submerged, in which case we can breathe more easily.

When he dives into the sea, he dives deep enough, so apart from the need for goggles and fins.

You also usually wear special wetsuits to keep you warm under the sea where the water is very cold and you need oxygen cylinders to keep you breathing even when you are at the bottom of the sea

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Snorkeling is a hobby that is usually done by anyone, who can swim.

When it comes to diving, not everyone can and should not, and everyone who wants to dive first has a special diving certificate.

These are some of the differences between snorkeling and scuba diving.

There are several islands in Lampung that are very good for snorkeling and diving. Here are six recommended islands in Lampung that are instagrammable and suitable for divers, let's take a look: