You Must Know! Here Are 7 Interesting Facts About Indonesia

You Must Know! Here Are 7 Interesting Facts About Indonesia

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RADARLAMPUNG.CO.ID, BANDAR LAMPUNG - Indonesia is an archipelago country in Southeast Asia that is divided into two continents and two oceans.Specifically, the continents of Asia and Oceania, as well as the Indian and Pacific oceans

Our beloved country, Indonesia, indeed has a lot of extraordinary potential, starting from its abundant natural resources and its people's reputation for being friendly and smiling. It's no wonder that our country is seen as a nation of virtuous character.

Aside from that, Indonesia has another name, Nusantara, because the area spans from Sabang to Merauke and contains a variety of ethnic groups and languages.

With the diversity that exists, Indonesia upholds the motto "Unity in Diversity," which means different but still one.

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In order to get to know Indonesia more deeply, consider the following interesting facts about our beloved homeland.

1. The largest archipelago country in the world

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world with 17 thousand islands, of which only 7,000 are inhabited. Several major islands in Indonesia, such as Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi, Sumatra, and Papua, as well as other small islands,

Three islands, such as Kalimantan, Sumatra, and Papua, have different island areas. Sumatra with 443 km2 ranks sixth in the world, Kalimantan ranks fourth with an area of 743 km2, and Papua is the second largest in the world with an area of 786 km2.

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2. Countries with the Most Ethnic Nations in the World

Reporting from the Central Statistics Agency website, Indonesia had more than 1,340 in 2010. The Javanese are the largest ethnic group in Indonesia, with a percentage of 41 percent.

3. Countries that Exit and Enter the UN

The UN (United Nations) is a world organization that aims to prevent attacks from big countries on small countries. Until there is a conflict in the midst of the global community.