12 Typical Lampung Foods That are Rarely Known

12 Typical Lampung Foods That are Rarely Known

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RADARLAMPUNG.CO.ID, BANDAR LAMPUNG - In this increasingly modern era, everything becomes instantaneous. Food is also included.

with the aim of making it easier for us to cook or eat it.

This makes regional food increasingly rare.

So, what about Lampung's special foods, which are getting scarce? Here are 12 typical Lampung foods that are getting rare.

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1. Engkak Cake

Engkak cake is a cake that is almost similar to the lapis legit cake, but the two cakes have different tastes and textures.

This engkak cake is made from glutinous rice flour instead of wheat flour, so the texture is denser.

If lapis legit is synonymous with a sweet taste, it is different from engkak cake, which is more synonymous with a sweet and savory cake taste.

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2. Tat Cake (Buak Tat)

Tat cake is a cake originating from West Lampung, namely Liwa.

This Lampung traditional cake must be included in the delivery at a traditional ceremony.

The shape of this tat cake varies greatly, from a large round box pan to some in the shape of flowers or fish.