5 Historical Treasures on the Island of Sumatra

5 Historical Treasures on the Island of Sumatra

The Lampung Museum is one of the historical heritage sites in Lampung. IMAGES/ INSTAGRAM - Lampung Museum--

RADARLAMPUNG.CO.ID, BANDAR LAMPUNG - Historical relics are relics from the past that have historical value and still exist today. Different types of historical heritage are scattered in various parts of Indonesia.

Historical heritage is a legacy from past generations, preserved today, and passed on for the benefit of future generations.

Historic heritage in the form of tangible objects includes statues, forts, tombs, monuments, temples, inscriptions, sites, and others that are considered worthy of being preserved for the future.

Small pieces of cultural art will usually be collected in museums and art galleries.

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The following are five historical remains on the island of Sumatra.

1. Bahal Temple

Sriwijaya heritage in North Sumatra's Bahal Temple has existed for thousands of years; this temple was built in the 11th century. Some say this temple was built by the Hindu King Shiva, a Tamil who ruled from South India. Other experts, however, believe that the temple's existence is linked to the Pannai kingdom, which was the glorious existence of the Sriwijaya Kingdom.

2. Fort de Cock, Bukit Tinggi

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This fort is located in the city of Bukittinggi. This fort was founded in 1825 by Captain Bauer when he was commander of Der Troepen, in anticipation of people's attacks during the Padri War.

3. Monument to the Suffering of the People (Monpera)